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About Crews United Methodist Church

Crews UMC is involved with missions in the local community, across the region and overseas.  We are active in food ministries, schools, fundraising walks and the Kernersville Missional Network (a group of local churches working together for missions.).  We also have taken mission trips to eastern North Carolina as well as Costa Rica with plans to continue. 
Gary's Message of the Week
Rice and Beans Mission trip to Costa Rica 2016

The Encouraging Word for today comes from John's gospel the 14th chapter and 1st verse, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me." There is a lot in this verse. The disciples were about to have Jesus leave them in a very disturbing way. Of course we know the Jesus knew it was all for the best, but scary for the disciples. God to them was a mystery. Looking back upon history, Israel had never really understood God fully, and we cannot blame them. Could any human understand God the creator of heaven and earth? However they knew Jesus, God incarnate. They knew him and could understand his humanity as a reflection of his divinity and a guide as to how to live and serve. They could find forgiveness, comfort and have faith in him. Add to this the Holy Spirit empowering them to do so and they were ready to move forward as the church. It still works for us today. That is an encouraging word.
In Christ, Gary
Bible School, 2016