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About Crews United Methodist Church

Crews UMC is involved with missions in the local community, across the region and overseas.  We are active in food ministries, schools, fundraising walks and the Kernersville Missional Network (a group of local churches working together for missions.).  We also have taken mission trips to eastern North Carolina as well as Costa Rica with plans to continue. 
Gary's Message of the Week
Rice and Beans Mission trip to Costa Rica 2016
This week's Encouraging Word comes from Psalm 115:14, "May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children. Prior to this passage the psalmist declares that those who follow God will be blessed. So this is a continuation of that thought. He hopes that we will be God followers and find that we will flourish. Sometimes I believe we take too much for granted. Back when this was written life was even more fleeting than it is today. To have children and to have them flourish was a HUGE blessing. To be God followers is to have life and blessing in the midst of brokenness. That is still true today and it is an encouraging word.

Your new pastor as of July 3rd will be Ashley Cyre. Please welcome him with open arms and show him and his family the love and grace you have shown to me and my family. You guys are awesome and you and his family will be blessings to each other.
In Christ, Gary
Bible School, 2016